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Oliver McGowan Training

Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training: Empowering Healthcare Professionals
Offered by Family Care Trust – An Approved Training Provider

At Family Care Trust, we are proud to be an officially approved provider of the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism. This training is named in honour of Oliver McGowan, a young man with autism and a learning disability whose tragic death highlighted the urgent need for healthcare professionals to have better understanding and skills in caring for individuals with learning disabilities and autism.

Why is the Training Necessary?

The necessity of this training cannot be overstated. Individuals with learning disabilities and autism often face barriers in accessing healthcare that adequately meets their unique needs. Misunderstandings, communication challenges, and a lack of specific knowledge among healthcare staff can lead to inadequate care delivery, distress, and, as seen in Oliver’s case, tragic outcomes.

The NHS has commissioned us to deliver the Oliver McGowan training programme which aims to bridge this gap by equipping NHS and healthcare professionals with the knowledge, empathy, and skills required to provide compassionate, informed, and effective care to individuals with learning disabilities and autism. New CQC requirements state that this training is now a mandatory.

The Benefits of Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training

Enhanced Understanding: Participants gain a deeper insight into the experiences of people with learning disabilities and autism, promoting empathy and a person-centred approach to care.

Improved Communication Skills: The training provides tools and strategies for effective communication, ensuring healthcare professionals can better engage with and support their patients.

Increased Confidence: Healthcare staff emerge from the training more confident in their ability to make informed decisions and provide appropriate support, reducing the risk of adverse outcomes.

Positive Patient Outcomes: With improved understanding and skills, healthcare professionals can contribute to safer, more positive healthcare experiences for individuals with learning disabilities and autism.

At Family Care Trust, we are committed to delivering high-quality training that makes a real difference in the lives of both healthcare professionals and the individuals they care for. Our experienced trainers use a range of interactive and engaging methods to ensure the training is not only informative but also impactful.

Experts By Experience: Adults with learning disabilities play a crucial role in supporting the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training by sharing their own lived experiences, which are invaluable in enhancing the training’s effectiveness and impact. Their personal stories and insights provide healthcare professionals with a real-world perspective, helping to strengthen the understanding and implement strategies between theoretical knowledge and practical understanding.

Through these first-hand accounts, participants gain a deeper empathy and awareness of the challenges faced by individuals with learning disabilities and autism. This unique contribution ensures the training is not only grounded in reality but also fosters a more inclusive, person-centred approach to healthcare, ultimately leading to better outcomes for those with learning disabilities and autism. The involvement of adults with learning disabilities in the Oliver McGowan training exemplifies the importance of listening to and learning from those who are directly affected, thereby enriching the learning experience for all involved.

Join us in our mission to create a healthcare environment where everyone, regardless of their disabilities, receives the understanding, respect, and care they deserve.

We are currently only offering training to NHS England schemes but will be offering it to external organisations in the future.