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JLR bash though the farms to do list!

JLR bash though the farms to do list!

Over the last three weeks we have been very lucky to have been joined by several teams from Jaguar Landrover who have tackled a wide variety of jobs all over the farm. Post bashing in the horses field was top of the list and the teams ensured that over 100 posts were bashed into the ground by hand all around the field ready for the field to be used throughout the winter. We have since been able to get the posts all wired up ready for the horses!

The groups not only waved their magic wand around the field they also created us a brand new walk in rabbit run and gave our storage bus a camo make over!

The team also moved a large amount of logs from a tree which had fallen and took straight to the task of getting them split up so that they can dry, ready to be used throughout the winter.

We cannot thank all the staff from JLR enough for all their hard work over the last few weeks. The farms to do list has now got even more space for new ideas and future projects!

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