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We are here to lend a helping hand. Our services are person centred, always treating people as individuals and enabling them to make choices about their own care. Every person is individually assessed and care packages tailored to Handicraft Lessonmeet their needs. We support people with mental health problems, learning difficulties and physical disabilities to live their lives independently knowing that we are here to be of assistance when required.

We offer the following wide range of great services throughout Solihull and the Midlands:-

Learning Disability Services –

  • Newlands Bishop Farm and Community Gardening Service – two work based training centres predominately working with people who have a  learning disability. (We also work with people who have brain injuries or mental health problems.)

Mental Health Services –

Family Care Trust supports the Care Personalisation Programme, welcoming those on Direct Payment, Personal Budgets and self-funding as well as through NHS/Local Authority group provision arrangements.

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